As Stall Contractor


Our job is to discuss, understand your detailed requirement and expectation relating to your purpose of participation in a particular exhibition/event, its weightage and the level of Brand identity you expect us to create for yourself.

Our effort would be to provide to you an out of the box concept and design which would not only be visually appealing but suit your specific need from all angles. Intention is to give you a platform which allows you to showcase your products, services and your brand in the best possible way and deliver a very soothing ambience.


Our design team comprises of experienced 2d & 3d designers specializing in Exhibition design for more than 10 years.

We all dress up as per the weightage of a particular event. Any Trade fair or property space is no different. The space has to be dressed up depending upon the importance of an event/property and your extent of expectations from the same. That would be directly proportional to your budget as well.

To create a out of the box design our job would be to firstly have a detailed understanding of the standard of the event/property and all physical aspects related to it i.e.

Your needs are very specific as per the aura of the event - Strength of Branding, No. of Display Visuals, your requirements in the stall like whether you need a conference room, Director's Room, pantry, Audio Visuals, separate Lounges, space for additional events, quality of flooring, Space for product display, sitting arrangement, etc. for your stall/pavilion.

Keeping all this in mind we would be creating a design which would be visually very pleasing and will have proper space management inside.

Most importantly if you expect something unique from us then you have to give us your patient time so that we can understand your requirements better.


Please not that the 3 dimensional views that we will be providing for the concept derived by us would not be charged by us for development. You have to pay only if we get the contract from you and finally fabricate your stall.


Once the design and order is finalised we sit with our production team with Production manager, Supervisors, execution department heads and service team to discuss the details of the project and In the process the job is handed over to our team who would start the work at our Workshop. During the process the materials are discussed and the Working Drawings are handed over to our production team for exact dimensions.

We have a fully equipped workshop with latest equipments and experienced work force with experience of more than 10 years . Our team can pull through any complex design given to them.

After the construction of different sections of the stall is made with Ply boards, Iron, etc. a mockup is done at the workshop itself. Some of them are permanently assembled at the workshop itself to save some erection time at event venue in order to handover completed stall on time to the clients.

Where painting work is involved perfect ground and base is prepared on the plywood in our work shop itself and the final coats of painting work is done at the venue losing very little time for the ground work in order to save time and give proper finish to the stall. We keep sufficient time at the venue for the final paint as it affects the final look of the stall.

After all structure are constructed at Workshop the materials are transported to the venue at the stipulated time. After possession of bare space at the venue the erection of the hardwares of the stall is done to give the initial shape as per design;.

The following ornaments are added to the structure to give it the look as per design provided to you –

  • FLOOR MATERIALS – like carpet, Laminated boards, PVC, etc.

We know that investment for a particular space at a fair is huge for you, thus we try to make our stall cost effective keeping the wow factor and try to give better value for the stall compared to others in the market.


A good concept & design with a fantastic finish to your stall is not always enough to project your Brand in the best possible way.

To make the stall more attractive with fantastic visual appeal and making it informative we need to decorate it with certain graphics element that creates an impact on the overall presentation of the stall.

The technology behind the Branding Signage is extremely important to make the stall appealing in the Hall.

There is the need for graphical visual representation of the Brand and Specific Products and Services rendered by the Company.

This would create curiosity and interest in the minds of the visitors which would result in increased footfall in the stall.

Types of Exhibition Branding -

  • Logo Branding
  • Suspended Graphics –Danglers, Rings, Backlit Boxes ,etc can be suspended to draw attention.
  • Wall Pasting – Pasted wall graphics which can be both informative and attractive.
  • Panels – Display Graphics panels ( Both Front lit & Backlit ) are very effective in projecting Product informations in a very attractive way.
  • LED Lighting – Usually used to highlight Logos & Branding.

We have a very specialized team to look into only the Branding and Printing executions.


Apart from executing a well designed stall there are other service areas we cater to so that you have a hassle free experience during the tenure of the exhibition.

Our objective is to provide to you material and non-material services that are required for the smooth erection and operation for all the days of the fair.

Non-Material Services –

Once you give us your design approval & Order confirmation a dedicated Manager is allotted to take care of proper execution of your stall complete in all aspects and handed over to you as per proper deadline.

He/she will co-ordinate & manage all details relating to completion of the stall like dealing with organisers for taking stall possession, supply of Power and water, arranging equipments like forklifts for moving your materials, arranging transportation if needed, arranging hospitality, etc. Some of these would incur additional cost as per requirement like forklift & labour for moving your materials, transportation, etc which are usually not included in the initial project cost.

Material Services – These are material that are provided along with the fabricated stall to make it ready for use as soon as you take possession of the same. You will not have any hassle whatsoever to arrange for the same.

  • Erect the stall at exhibition Site complete with Electricals, Paint, Glass, Wood, Iron, Flooring, Branding, etc. as applicable with reference to approved design.
  • Execute total Signage and Branding requirement at your stall.
  • Provide for additional requirements like –
    • Furnitures needed.
    • Plants – Shrubs, Bouquet, Pots.
    • Fish Bowl, Glass Bowl, Visitor's book, etc.
    • Led/LCD TV's with DVD player, Laptop, etc
    • Video Walls, etc as per requirement.
    • Manpower support like Hostess , Attendants, etc
    • Provide Coffee/tea vending machine, Refrigerator, Water Dispenser with Water, Micro Oven, Consumables like Tea/Coffee powder, Cups, Chocolates, etc.
    • Organise events at stall ( if required as per original order).
    • Conduct Road Show and other promotional activities during the Fair. (if required as per original order).
  • Handover of completed stall at the agreed time before opening of the Fair.
  • Provide Maintenance Services during the Event.
  • Dismantle the stall at the end of the event.

You name the services and we will deliver them at your comfort custody for your stall.


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